Digital Signage

Since 1991, Omnivex has been helping innovative organizations reach and touch the right people, at the right time, in the right place with industry-defining digital communications solutions. Omnivex offers a suite of products designed to meet the future demands of the digital signage market.

Digital Signage Solutions

Omnivex Award Winning Digital Signage Solution is the industry's most complete software suite designed specifically for managing electronic signage networks covering content, device, and data management.

MOXIE Content Management Software

  • Superior graphics capability with 3-D graphics that jump off the screen.
  • Content automatically scales so one design can fit multiple display resolutions.
  • Designers can create content in multiple layers and any aspect of the design can change independently and automatically.
  • Real Time Data Display.
  • Unlimited number of zones.
  • Encrypted content delivery for maximum security.
  • Multiuser modular architecture.

DataPipe Data Management Software

  • Omnivex DataPipe 3 offers the ability to make data available from virtually any source to be distributed and displayed or to trigger content.
  • Acquire from: SQL statements, XML,spreadsheets, web services, client and webbased, Text messages, motion sensors, RFID readers, phone switches, manufacturing equipment, touch screens, and data feeds.
  • As the data changes at the source, it automatically changes on the screen(s).
  • Presentation formatted by color, font, size, static, sequenced, and scrolled.

Control 4 Device Management Software

Omnivex Control 4 manages all available device functions for remote screens and computers from a central location with real time status information. Daily routines can be automated and the system can be configured to automatically react to any information received from any device. For example, if a screen reports a fan failure, the system can disable the device and send an email notification to the appropriate service personnel.

LED Software Solutions

  • Design the content displayed on your serially driven wallboard. Extensive data interface, powerfully scheduling and multiple user input.
  • Manage serially driven LED stock ticker hardware. Extensive data interface, powerful scheduling and graphics support.
  • Acquire, distribute and display real-time data from virtually any source, including subscription-based news, weather and financial, as well as your own internal information